Have You Ever Heard Of JIT?

jit6J.I.T. stands for “Just In Time”.  The food delivery system in the United States is JIT delivery, meaning that food gets there “Just In Time” before the grocery stores start running out of stock.

Someone came up with the bright idea of JIT to reduce the amount of inventory in warehouses and stock rooms.  Less old stock means less product going past expiration and best buy dates and being discarded.

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Germany To Tell Citizens: Stock Food, Water, Cash

germanyThere has been quite a bit of buzz the last couple of days about Germany planning to tell it’s citizens to stock no less than 10 days’ worth of food and 5 days’ worth of water for a possible large scale emergency.  This plan was apparently leaked to the German media.

It was also reported they are going to tell citizens to keep cash on hand as well.  To me, all of these things should be a major red flag.  Does Germany know something is imminent?  If so, what?

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Anatomy Of An Economic Collapse

economic collapse

With all the talk of a economic collapse in recent years, one has to wonder how that might play out.  What would it look like?  What are some potential indicators that things are going south?

We don’t have to look very far to see some characteristics of what an economic collapse looks like.  All we have to do is look at socialist Venezuela.  Venezuela has been steadily deteriorating into economic collapse for the last few years.

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Weekend Preparedness Video: Hot Water Heater

Today’s video link is also from Scott Hunt (of Practical Preppers).  In this video, Scott makes a hot water heater out of some parts from a hardware store.  Scott also talks about the process of “thermo siphoning”.  Thermo siphoning is just using basics physics and heat exchange to create circulation in the system.  We all know that “hot air rises” (called convection) and cold air sinks, well hot liquid rises and cold liquid sinks too.  As long as there is a heat source and a temperature differential, this process repeats.  Cooler water circulates to take the place of rising warm water.

Here is the link:
Endless hot water without electricity!

Weekend Preparedness Video: RAM Pump

Today’s featured video link(s) is actually a 4 part video series (plus an overview video) from Scott Hunt.  Scott is a mechanical engineer and owner of “Practical Preppers”.  You might remember them from the show “Doomsday Preppers”.  Scott has a plethora of awesome emergency preparedness videos out there on YT.  He is very good at explaining things in my opinion. Under the right conditions, a RAM pump could allow you to pump water up hill with no electricity.

Here are the links:
RAM Pump Part Overview
RAM Pump Part 1
RAM Pump Part 2
RAM Pump Part 3
RAM Pump Part 4

Preparedness Group Dilemma

preparedness groupIs a preparedness group really a good thing?  Nowadays, I hear a lot of talk about preppers actively seeking out and joining preparedness groups.  Preparedness groups can be serious business.

Many groups will only admit members based on whatever specific skills or assets they could bring to the table.  Just being an able body normally isn’t enough to bring to the table.

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