What’s In Your Preparedness Power Kit?

preparedness powerHaving some form of alternative energy for emergency scenarios could be vital to keeping you safe.  There are large scale and small scale alternative energy options.

Large scale could be an off grid homestead with a solar array and battery banks while small scale could be packable solar panels and rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.  While having both would be ideal, large scale is probably not an option for most people.

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Improvised EDC Option

improvised edcAs always, I’m constantly thinking about ways to improve my EDC, BOB etc. on the cheap.  I like to think about different ways to re-use the things I have on hand instead of going out and buying new stuff every time I feel like a changeup in configurations.

As I stated in last Friday’s post on my mini EDC fishing kit, I have been thinking about EDC.  Today’s post is the one I talked about at the end of last Friday’s post.

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Cyber Attacks Last Friday

puter2Well what do you know?  Not even 2 weeks after the United States floated the possibility of retaliatory cyber attacks on Russia, we have a series of large scale cyber attacks on Friday.

As you might already know, the United States came under cyber attack last week.  The attacks targeted various major sites/hubs by what is known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

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Weekend Preparedness Video: Homemade Biodigester

Today’s weekend preparedness video link is about how to make homemade biogas digesters.  Some people living off the grid use homemade biogas digesters to make methane gas for use in lieu of natural gas for cooking.

Here is the link:

Methane Biodigester How To

Weekend Preparedness Video: Homemade Stove

Today’s weekend preparedness video link is how to make a mini stove from a tin can.

Here is the link:

How To Make A Penny Can Stove

Mini Fishing Kit: EDC Style

edc fish kitI really love trying to think about different ways to improve on all facets of emergency preparedness.  One of the things that draws me to emergency preparedness websites is to see all the ways of how people do things differently.

Lately, my thoughts have been on everyday carry (EDC).  If you think about it, emergency preparedness is about organization and efficiency as much as it is anything else.

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